Thursday, January 10, 2013

Glass Up Your Home

Glass Counter Top
Glass Counter Top
We've been seeing a lot of non-traditional uses of glass in new homes, of late. Gone are the days when glass was relegated solely to the realm of windows and picture frames. People are incorporating it into their interior design in inventive ways and achieving bold and captivating results. The popularity of this material has grown in recent years because of state-of-the-art scratch-resistant coatings and a slew of new products on the market. Of course, the timeless appeal of glass is the ease of maintaining it (just need a mild cleaner and a rag) and its luminous surface that reflects and amplifies the character of surrounding materials. This month our blog will feature a series of stylish glass items that can give your home a contemporary edge. First up, the backsplash.

Cut Glass Minneapolis
Clear Glass

Glass is a great solution for keeping your kitchen or bathroom walls grime-free. You have a couple of options to consider with a “glass splash” – you can either let the glass merely protect what exists behind it or you can make it the star of the show. Say you have chic wallpaper or the perfect paint color behind your oven range and you don’t want it getting steamed, spattered with grease, and the like – clear glass is the ideal barrier between the destructive by-products of cooking and your kitchen’s aesthetic. It allows you to have the design elements you want to bring you décor to life, yet keeps your cooking area functional.

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Cast Glass
The other direction you can take is imbuing the glass with character and making it an integral part of the kitchen’s look. Back-painted glass is simply clear glass painted on the reverse side with a color you select. It offers a space the same qualities of a painted wall, while adding a lustrous sheen and, of course, the protection you require. Another option is using a pattern or cast glass, which can give your wall surface a subtle or arresting effect, depending on your personal tastes and the style of glass you choose. Because these types of glass offer a variety of patterns and textures, you can match them to a paint color, wall paper, or back-paint to create a staggering range of effects.

Specialty Glass
Back-painted Glass
Glass tile can also serve admirably as a backsplash – it looks really sharp and can create a nice accent on your kitchen walls. There are, however, a couple of drawbacks to using glass tile, the first being price. Glass tiles exceed the cost of ceramic, porcelain, and even natural stone, so you can image how quickly the bill on a sizable job adds up. Another disadvantage of glass tile is that it needs to be grouted in. Without special attention from the person cleaning it, that grout line can become discolored with time, or a breeding ground for bacteria. Glass panels, on the other hand, don’t have seams that harbor gross elements, like mildew, or cooking grease.

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