Thursday, August 23, 2012

Windshield Repair - Chips on the Table

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Composite Chip (Star + Bull's-Eye)

It’s hard being a windshield in Minnesota.  Extremes in weather force the rigid glass to contract and expand like water, while the hail and ice that follow these swings in temperature pummel your vehicle without mercy.  Then, of course, there are the vehicles on the road which seem bent on destroying your defenseless auto glass.  You know the ones:  summertime gravel trucks bouncing along, sharing their load with the cars in their wake, or winter’s snowplow, keeping our roads safe, but pitting your windshield in a whoosh of rock laden slush.

Few Minnesota drivers escape more than a year or two without finding a chip or a crack in their vehicle’s glass.  Although a small chip can appear benign enough, if it goes unrepaired, an afternoon baking in the sun or a morning frost can cause that little star to spider out into a major problem for you – a potential $118 fine in this state, not to mention the safety hazard it poses.

Auto Glass Replacement MN
Star Chip
Auto Glass Repair Minneapolis
Half Moon or Half Bull's-Eye
American Glass & Mirror can help you avoid the need for replacement by repairing the chip or crack before it expands.  Our technicians drill a hole into the blemish and inject a clear acrylic resin that cures by UV light.  This process restores the integrity of the glass, thereby preventing further damage, and generally reestablishes its clarity.  It should be noted that several factors could diminish the chances of achieving complete transparency, including the age and type of chip.   If you are not pleased with the outcome of the repair, then the cost will be credited to a windshield replacement.

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Bull's-Eye Chip

Interspersed throughout the blog have been photos of common types of repairable chips – star and partial bull’s-eyes being the best candidates for complete restoration.  Below is a photo of an irreparable chip, referred to in the industry as a “coke bottle” chip.  Two other instances that would prevent repair are damage that is larger than two to three square inches (roughly the size of a credit card) and damage occurring within the driver’s line of vision.  Aside from these minor restrictions, any chip or crack should be repairable.
Windshield Repair MN
Coke-Bottle Chip  (Irreparable)