Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I'll Be Your Mirror

custom bathroom mirror

Bathroom mirrors are getting a makeover and it's been a long time coming. We all can admire the simple look and functionality of a traditional vanity mirror, but there’s a trend towards turning that lustrous surface into an art piece that both reflects and defines the character of the surrounding space.

cool vanity mirror
designer mirror    triangle vanity mirror unique vanity mirror

Above images provided by:
Alexandra LoewJosé Lévy, Ragno

designer vanity mirror
art mirror

It makes sense to inject some personality into the very thing that allows you to gaze at and even into yourself. Recently, a customized vibe has crept into many facets of everyday design. Look at what's going on in fashion - people are personalizing everything! An unconventional stitch embellishes this, a few studs give edge to that - the chains are off... or on... whichever! As long as they make a statement---

sandblasted mirror

art mirror

As someone who has played around with transitioning a mirror into a canvas, I'm excited by the embrace of customized pieces, whether they be professionally made or crafted DIY. There’s a number of ways to achieve a personalized look for your bathroom mirror. You can go full-blown Etsy on it by playing with unique framing styles or materials, de-silvering the mirror in a predetermined pattern, or seeing what happens when you layer other materials or paint over the mirror surface.

Above images provided by:
Michael Wilkinson, American Glass & Mirror

custom sanblasting
pattern mirror

Another direction you could take would be to draw up your own design and have a mirror professionally sandblasted to your specifications. As you can see from the surrounding photos, art mirrors needn't be confined to the bathroom - they can liven up your living space as well.

target mirrorcustom mirror design

If you’re not a DIYer or much of a right-brainer in general, you can always buy a singular art piece from a local atelier or just find something that makes a little louder statement than your basic vanity mirror.

Above images by:
American Glass & Mirror

dual vanity mirrors

There are of course options for people who don't want to shell out the money for a custom-made mirror and don't want to burden their loved ones with an art piece wrought in the fire of their latent creativity.

The surrounding images are examples of what you'll find in the America Glass & Mirror Prior Lake showroom (shameless plug, check). There's some serious design potential here. You can jazz up or complement a range of decors, and it's a little safer play than a fully custom mirror.

antique beveled mirrors