Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bio-Clean in Action!!!

The elegance of a frameless shower is derived from our appreciation of the form and the contradictory sense of absence it conjures. That is the real beauty of glass. Like an apparition, it merely hints at its existence. We are only aware of its presence through the pronouncements of the surrounding space. The way reflections moves across its surface as our position changes in relation to it, the warm glow of light cast off its cold skin, how it ever-so-slightly alters the physical nature of the material seen through it. These seductive properties are lost when we allow glass to age. Mineral build-up in the form of a blotchy white film mars the pristine surface of your enclosure, destroying the allure of this piece, as well as your substantial investment.

Fortunately, there is a product available that is a wonder at removing limescale and other residue, and can give restore your shower to its former glory. We have brought Bio-Clean to your attention in past postings, but words can only do so much. We thought we'd better show you what this phenom can do, so we cut a quick video that catches it in action. After years of trying shower glass restoration products with varying levels of efficacy, we've finally come across one that puts the rest to shame. See the results for yourself:

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