Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Quality Matters

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At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I feel compelled to once again stress the fact that your windshield is a vital piece of your vehicle’s safety system. That is why it is SO IMPORTANT that you have a reputable glass company replace your windshield. There are characters out there that will put in a used windshield for you at a fraction of the price of well-established companies. In the industry, they’re known as “A Guy and A Van Operation” – someone with no overhead that can do a job on the real cheap-cheap. But that bargain price comes with a different kind of price tag far more costly than any monetary sum, the safety of you and the people you care about traveling in your vehicle every day.

Since these questionable outfits make so little on a replacement, they need to bang out as many jobs in the day as possible. Jobs are rushed and widely accepted safety standards are ignored because they want to save time, haven’t received proper training, or aren’t members of industry organizations that enforce rigorous safety regulations. On top of that, this kind of operation offsets their bargain prices by cutting costs on materials. That means they will gladly install a used windshield for you, whether you know that’s what you’re getting or not, plus all other components essential to a safe installation can be second-rate in quality – cheap or old adhesives, inferior moldings, etc.

That’s why it is critical that you do a quick bit of research before deciding on what glass company you want to replace your windshield. These days we spend hours looking into what kind of phone or lawnmower will best suit our needs, reading reviews and checking out product comparisons – don’t you think something as integral to your car’s safety system as the windshield deserves a few minutes of perusing Google, Dex Reviews, and the like, as well?

We really don't want to win your business using scare tactics. That is not the purpose of this posting. No matter whether your looking for auto glass in MN, or any other part of the country, know that this is a valid concern. Take a look at the links below if you're skeptical. The first looks at investigative reporting done by 20/20 and FOX NEWS about faulty windshield replacement, the second is just a quick Youtube clip that shows the results of hiring the wrong guys for the job.

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