Monday, August 22, 2016

Big News In The World of Solar Energy

Exciting development in the glazing and solar energy industries - transparent solar cells that can be incorporated into an insulated unit! This isn't the first we've heard of potential overlap between the two fields. Researchers at the University of Michigan recently announced that they have engineered semi-transparent, colored cells that could be used in decorative panels that could on building interiors, as well as exteriors, but they operate at a mere 2 percent efficiency.  SolarWindow Technologies has created a product that reportedly harnesses 50 times more energy than conventional rooftop solar panels! Pretty cool if it's true. Beyond that, the technology is nearly transparent so you can enjoy the photovoltaic benefits without impeding your window view. Most intriguing is their claim that the system would pay for itself within a year, which would make the five-to-seven-year recoup period of traditional solar panels insufferable. I want my sun juice and I want it now.