Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Glass Up Your Home (Part II)

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Glass Railing

The next item we want to feature on the American Glass & Mirror blog is the glass railing system. This product is useful both in the home, giving your staircase a contemporary edge, or outside on the deck, opening up your view to the backyard. In your home’s interior, glass railings allow the charm of surrounding materials to shine through and create light, clean lines that subtly break up a space. Outside the home, glass railings are the perfect way to enjoy a vista unimpeded by wood or metal railings – if you live lakeside, or on a hilltop, it’s a must! We installed a system in our family home about five years ago and have been thrilled with the results. Now, in the mornings I watch the birds frequenting the feeders with ease, and can enjoy the backyard football matches without rising from my deck chair.

With an impressive variety of styles and designs to choose from, glass railing systems can be used to fit into any design scheme; it’s just a matter of finding the one that will work for you. If your tastes tend toward minimalist, there is an assortment of austere systems that lack top and bottom rails and are secured only by utilitarian hardware at the base of the glass panels – well-suited for a chic loft or modernist dwelling. If you want something warmer and more resistant to abuse (kids love to climb…), go with wood or metal on the rails and framing posts.

glass railing minneapolisYou also have options in terms of glass – thickness and style. We went with ¼” glass at our home because it was the cheapest, and we chose a system with a metal top rail, where the top and bottom of the glass were not exposed. If you want something more regal, or if the top and bottom edges aren’t secured in a channel, you might want to go with 3/8” or ½” (remember: the thicker the glass you use, the more cost the project will incur.) In addition, you can choose from a multitude of glass designs. There are endless varieties of pattern, tinted, and cast glass that can be used in your system, not to mention the option for customize sandblasting. That said, clear glass is by far the most popular, because of its pellucid properties and the reasonable price.

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