Thursday, January 24, 2013

Glass Up Your Home (Part III)

glass wall minneapolis
Matte Glass Wall
Glass Partitions

Our latest blog in the “Glass Up Your Home” series, focuses on one of my favorite vitreous additions a person can make to their home.  Glass walls and partitions are a smart choice for sectioning off a room, adding structure to a space, or giving your home a needed shot of the MODERN.  Plain old sheet rock walls can feel so confining, especially in smaller rooms, but a space that’s too vacuous can be oppressive in a different way. We want it all. We want our homes to feel open and flowing, but we still want a sense of structure, rhythm to the flow, and designated and defined spaces for our daily rituals.

 glass slider   home glass minneapolis

creative glass minneapolis
Repurposed Factory Window

You can have all these things by incorporating glass walls or partitions into your home interior. The brilliant thing about glass is that, because of its transparency, it seems to hover in some indefinite realm of matter. It is almost like the suggestion of physicality. OK, let’s not get TOO deep here. Simply put, with glass dividers you get the structure but not the restrictiveness. Light will move about your home freely, while the eye will note the subtle lines that inform the space.

There are a lot of interesting directions you can take with glass partitions. They’re perfect for sectioning off conjoined rooms, creating charming nooks, or giving just a modicum of privacy. As you'll notice from the photos, there's also a lot of options in terms of glass finish and thickness. Get creative with it, like the home in the photo on the right. They repurposed an old factory window to serve as a divider between the kitchen and dining/living room. The grids do a lot to emphasize the division between the rooms, yet the space retains its sense of openness.

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