Thursday, January 31, 2013

Glass Up Your Home (Part IV)

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If you’ve been keeping up with our “Glass Up Your Home” blog series, then I’m sure you’ve noticed a common thread running through the posts: OPTIONS. There are a vast range of glass types available, each with special properties that will modify your home décor in unique and surprising ways. It’s all a matter of finding what best suits your stylistic leanings. Today’s post is no exception. Because of the great variety of glass counter tops available, you’re sure to find one that jives with the look and feel of your kitchen space.
What you’ll gain from incorporating a glass counter top into your home, is a lustrous surface that gives the impression of delicate elegance yet is deceptively robust and durable. You might think that a glass surface in the kitchen would be a disaster due to its susceptibility to cracking and scratching. In truth, glass used for counters runs thick (generally 3/8” to 1”), so even you klutzes and butterfingers needn’t shy away. Additionally, the glass can be treated with an anti-scratching treatment that keeps the surface as pristine as the day it was installed.

Stand-Off Counters
glass counter top minneapolis
Let’s get back to OPTIONS. Like the glass backsplash discussed, here, you can choose from an array of glass styles, such as: back painted, tinted, obscure, etc. Homeowners that want a touch of The Strip in their kitchen can use LEDs on the counter’s underside to create a resonant glow. Another cool direction to take is to use stand-off glass counters. These surfaces seem to hover in air with the help of metal pegs, and allow the character of the material below to shine through. At the risk of sounding redundant, there are options with this item, as well. Some people prefer to raise the counter only a few inches to form the primary counter surface, while others like a narrower glass counter raised six inches or so, that provides a secondary surface, perfect for a bar area or an auxiliary space when your food prep area gets crowded.

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