Thursday, June 21, 2012

Glass Unseen - Keeping your glass shower door blemishless

Neo Angle Heavy Glass Shower

Heavy glass shower doors have redefined contemporary bathroom décor with their unimposing presence and utilitarian aesthetic. This spartan design relies upon the vacant, yet lustrous planes of heavy glass supported by a limited system of durable hardware. Because the appeal of these units lies in their spectral appearance, nothing is more unbecoming than water spots, soap and scum build-up, and corroded metal – fortunately, these defects are easily avoidable.

To help maintain pristine doors and panels, American Glass & Mirror offers a pre-installation treatment of Clear Shield, an environmentally-friendly protectant, effective up to ten years. This product establishes a buffer between the glass and water, making it easy to squeegee or wipe dry. It is important to note that this does not eliminate the need for drying after use, but greatly increases its effectiveness and requires no astringent cleaners. Without Clear Shield, these units are vulnerable to unhygienic build-up, etching caused by minerals in the water, and eventual clouding. This one-time treatment is the first step towards ensuring that your glass retains its unblemished beauty, thereby protecting your substantial investment.

In addition to retaining the flawless look of your glass, it is also important to keep metal hinges, clips, or U-channel looking clean and polished. In the next blog, I will discuss the proper way to care for the metal in your heavy glass shower.


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  2. Clear glass is as stylish as a door can get, especially if installed in a frame less structure.

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