Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rid Your Insulated Glass of Moisture, The Eco(nomically) Friendly Way

Last posting, we examined the components of an insulated glass unit (IGU) and discussed the role each plays in maintaining energy efficiency in your home. Today, we’ll focus on how moisture can find its way into the unit, and what you can do about it without facing a whopping bill for new windows.

Window Moisture MN

The Break Down
Water is relentless – if there’s even a pinhead’s width opening in a surface, water will filter through. The polysulfide sealant that holds a unit together is an organic material, and like all organic material, it is subject to decay over time, creating an increasing number of fissures for moisture to permeate. Fortunately, desiccant forms a rear guard against this encroachment. It absorbs the invasive moisture until it reaches maximum saturation. At this point, there are no more protective measures and condensation will begin to build up. Typically, this will lead to a “clouding” of the glass as it is gradually etched by minerals contained in the water. Deterioration occurs in varying amounts of time across IGUs; we’ve seen poorly manufactured units that have gone bad after a few years, but most are designed to last a decade.

Addressing the Obvious
Maybe you’re not all that interested in the ins and outs of insulated glass. You’ve got foggy windows and you want to talk options. We'll get to that in just a moment, first we need to address some "no-duh" issues that arise. I’ll start with the most obvious… make sure condensation is occurring inside the unit (between the panes) and not on the interior surface of the window. It is rather self-evident, but it needs to be stated because we actually get quite a few calls about this.  There’s nothing wrong with your window if moisture collects on the pane facing the inside of your home – this is usually a result of excessive moisture inside your home.

Second obvious point - check your warranty. Most IGUs are covered for 10 years. Contact the window manufacturer as soon as you notice moisture collecting.

The Good News
First, it is completely unnecessary to replace the entire window when fogging occurs. American Glass & Mirror can come out and replace only the IGU for 25 percent the cost of a new window!

The Even Better News
mn window repair
minneapolis window repairSecond, if your windows haven’t started to turn cloudy from mineral etching, then they’re probably good candidates for the revolutionary RenuVu process. RenuVu is a two-step solution to returning your windows to a state of clarity. First, our technician drills a tiny hole in the corner of the IGU and removes the existing moisture with a drying agent.  Next, a clear, one-way valve is placed in the hole to help any new moisture escape. This reengineering process offers immense savings over replacement, especially on large or non-rectangular units. Additionally, it is without a doubt THE OPTION OF CHOICE for the environmentally concerned, reducing waste and energy use. RenuVu , available only at American Glass & Mirror, is GREEN-FRIENDLY, that's green in your wallet and green of the earth.